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Developments of experimental modal analysis technique based on both input/output and output-only measurements. Identification of structural dynamic properties from flying test and GVT of fixed wing and rotating wing vehicles. Environmental testing for design qualification and flight acceptance of space structures and mechanical components undergoing severe vibration level. Vibration reduction methods via PZT patches passively used. Developments of sensitivity based structural updating techniques and structural damage identification methods.
Environmental Testing
Dongling Air-Cooled Vibration Test composed by:
·Electro-dynamic shaker (ES-6-200 model) with the following specs:
•random force (rms): 600kgf
•shock force (pk): 1200kgf
•sine force (pk): 600kgf
•frequency range: DC to 2000 Hz ·Horizontal slip table (GT700M model) with effective mass of 56kg and size of (700x700)mm
·Square head expander (HE-300S-Mg model) with effective mass of 10kg and size of (300x300)mm
·LMS SCADAS III Dual-Channel Output module for both vibration control and signal generation
·Test.Lab software for sine control, random control (with also sine on random control), and shock control
Research activities
·Experimental identification of dynamic behavior of space structures·
·Flight qualification of electronic/mechanical sub-system
·Dynamic characterization of innovative materials
Exploitation of the Research activities
Support to ·Academic courses (Space Structures, Space Materials, Space Technologies, Space Testing) ·Flight qualification of electronic/mechanical sub-system ·Dynamic characterization of innovative materials ·
·Development of novel analysis/numerical methods (strong interaction with MSC Software, etc) ·
·Development of novel testing methods (strong interaction with Siemens)

Coordinator G. Coppotelli
Via Eudossiana, 18
Building E
Dip. di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale
tel: +39 06 44585320