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Main activities:

-   Study, design and development of processing techniques for SAR system definition, SAR & ISAR high resolution focusing, SAR image information extraction, GMTI and multi-channel SAR, adaptive array radar, adaptive detectors for high resolution clutter echoes, advanced radar tracking

-   Study, design and development of experimental passive radar demonstrators, based on different waveforms of opportunity (e.g. FM radio, DVB, WiFi and GPS). The experimental passive radar receivers are realized with COTS components and are designed to be effective in various applications, ranging from air traffic control, to maritime surveillance, to road traffic monitoring, up to indoor location. Proper processing techniques are developed and tested to detect, localize, track and possibly classify targets moving in the surveyed scene by means of the conceived passive radar receivers.


-   CPUs, GPU, GPS receivers, ADS-B receiver, evaluation kitsRADAR_TELECOMS_EXPERIMENTAL_LAB_photo2

-    4 channels Oscilloscope

-    Multi-channels acquisition boards for experimental radar receivers

-    National Instruments Chassis equipped with

  • 2 down-converters (9 KHz - 2.7 GHz operating frequencies)
  • Dual-channel A/D converter (internal sampling frequency 100MHz, external clock frequency available)
  • Clock signal generator (from 5 to 105 MHz)
  • signal generator and up-converter (250 KHz - 2.7 GHz operating frequencies)

-    Electrical generator for power supply during acquisition campaigns

-    Commercial or custom-made antennas operating at VHF, UHF, S band and Wi-Fi frequencies.



-    Matlab and Simulink

-    LabVIEW

-    Proprietary software for specific devices


Prof. Francesco Lombardo  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it