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Main purpose of  Computational Aerodynamic Lab represents the ideal complement of a more theoretical class like Aerodynamics. The lecture course is an introduction to computational methods and tools in potential aerodynamics, using a practical approach. Most of the lectures learnt in Aerodynamics (e.g. Glauert’s thin profile theory) will be revitalized and revisited under a new light, showing unexpected potentialities.

Students will develop their own computational programs as well as use available software to conduct the following exercises:

1) Application of vortex method to a thin profile under steady conditions

2) Application of Hess-Smith method to profiles with finite thickness

3) Application of panel method to 3D finite-wing with wake modelling

Basic knowledge of computer programming and Matlab (or FORTRAN) is required.


Coordinator F. Stella
Via Eudossiana, 18
Building A
Dip. di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale
tel: +39 06 44585220
Room 3 on the patio over the cloister