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Main activities:

The activities of the laboratory are focused on the engineering and manufacturing of high-performance aerospace structures and multifunctional nanocomposite materials for structural applications.

In particular, we investigate:

  • application of liquid composite molding processes to the manufacturing of aerospace structures with 3D complex shape;
  • integration of carbon nanoparticles (carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets) in manufacturing processes to realize multifunctional composite materials;
  • design and manufacturing of deployable structures for spacecrafts (booms)
  • design and manufacturing of thick composite laminates for aircraft applications
  • manufacturing of nanocomposite films for space subsystems
  • study of the properties of nanocomposite materials with particular attention to impact behavior and mechanical performance combined with thermal and electrical properties;
  • Investigation of fracture mechanisms in nanocomposites

Facilities include:laurenzi1

Liquid Molding (RTM/VARTM) equipment for both room and elevated temperature

processing for aerospace thermosetting resin: high-temperature RTM machine, oven, molds, experimental apparatus to determine the permeability preform, vacuum pumps, ultrasound baths, ultra-sonication probe; Spin coating for film fabrication; 3-D printing.

Temperature/humidity environmental chamber, low energy drop weight impact tower, Charpy pendulum, LCR for electrical characterization, scanning electronic microscopy (SEM), optical microscopy, viscometer, experimental apparatus to measure the thermal conductivity.

6 PC station for structural design and modeling by FEM codes, CAD software and process simulation


Coordinator S. Laurenzi

Dip. di Ingegneria Astronautica, Elettrica e Energetica 
tel: +39 064991 9756

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