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The a.a. study course brochure 2017/18 (open)
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Teaching Objectives:
The aim of the curriculum is to give the graduate a solid basic grounding in mathematics and physics and ensure that they have knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the required disciplines of Aeronautical Engineering and Space Engineering. The experimental and numeric workshop modules help to develop interdisciplinary and applicable skills that are also useful for entering the world of work. Upon completion of the Personal Study Plan the graduate will be skilled to a level that enables them to operate effectively in the work environment. The general education provided by the course, and their personal work on their own initative, enables the graduate to acquire further specific skills. At the same time, the 3-year Degree Course has the essential function of preparing students for the Graduate Degree courses in Aeronautical Engineering and in Space and Astronautical Engineering.
Admission Requirements:
Admission to the Degree Course requires an upper secondary school diploma or if the applicant is from outside Italy, a recognised equivalent. Other requirements are an ability to think logically, an adequate background in mathematics, and good knowledge of the Italian language. Verification of knowledge of the time of entry To verify that the applicant possesses the knowledge required to take the course, the Faculty holds an admission test at the beginning of September. The course entry requirements are published in June (see the Immatricolazioni section of the Aerospace Engineering [Consiglio d’Area Didattica - CAD] website ( These include the conditions for applying for the admission test, how to apply, and how the admission test is carried out. As is set out in the conditions of the admission test, if the applicant's knowledge is not positively verified they are either not admitted to the course or will be required to attain additional educational obligation during the fisrt year.