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Vision & Mission

Our Vision


Aerospace industry has attained a role of primary importance both in Europe and worldwide as a driving force of economic growth and as a technologically intensive supply chain bringing about innovation in a great number of industrial sectors.

All the main industrialized countries now consider aerospace industry as a strategic sector in terms of added economic value, social relevance and contribution to the general well being and safety of its citizens.

As such, aerospace industry is in continuous search for talented and motivated young engineers to be employed in a European or international context and, for this to be feasible, requires constant and widespread access to an up-to-date knowledge base for the efficient training of its employees.

In this context, we view our Aerospace Engineering program here at Sapienza as a tightly knit community of students and professors that on one hand operates in close collaboration with industry personnel, research centers and institutions and on the other hand is setting the following standards for the educational system it is building:

  • Aspire, reach and maintain levels of excellence
  • Promote and reward a sense of responsibility, the value of knowledge and passion for studies and research
  • Maintain a pioneering spirit with respect to the constant development of technology
  • View the aerospace sector as a unique opportunity for students and researchers to contribute to crucial technological challenges in communications, space exploration and safety.
  • Promote international and multicultural exchanges in view of the globalization of the technological markets
  • Promote awareness of the social and environmental implications of research and development activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold





To train highly qualified engineers in the fields of design, analysis, implementation and operation of aerospace systems and processes.


To contribute to the development of knowledge and its applications in aerospace disciplines


To contribute to the growth and development of our country by means of the high quality of our students, graduates and professors.