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The long-standing tradition of Sapienza in the field of aerospace education and training dates back to 1926, year of foundation of the Aeronautical Engineering School, which was later to become the School of Aeronautical Engineering, a graduate level institution dedicated to a limited number of engineers.

The rapid expansion of the aeronautical industry soon emphasized the need for a more organic training in the field, dedicated to a far larger audience. This led in 1980 to the creation of the five year Aeronautical Engineering program within Sapienza’s Engineering school. In 1990 a new Space Engineering program was added alongside the Aeronautical program and the curriculum was finally designated as Aerospace Engineering.

In 2000 the University reform led to the replacement of the old five-year program with an initial three-year undergraduate course in Aerospace Engineering, with common subjects between space and aeronautical disciplines, followed by two distinct advanced two-year programs in Aeronautical and Space Engineering.

By 2009 the above three programs were hosted within the newly-formed School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering which, due to a Ministerial directive was, however, in the following year absorbed by the School of Civil and Industrial Engineering where the programs are currently held.