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Degree thesis


Students are expected to deliver a thesis during their final exam of their Master Course for which 23 credits are awarded.

The thesis activities (23 UC) shall not last more than 5 month/student.

Students prepare their Degree thesis under the supervision of an Sapienza Aerospace Engineering Academic Council mentor.

The thesis assignment and preparation procedure is as follows:

  • When students have earned at least 80 UC, they decide on a topic for their thesis from those available in their study section on or discuss the subject of their thesis with their Mentor who will include it (following the instructions provided in the Lecturer's Guide, Annex no. 6 attached) as an available topic on and, on commencing activities, shall present the request for the thesis to be assigned to the student, again on the same website
  • on completing the thesis, students shall present the final version to their Mentor
  • The student must complete the ON-LINE form that includes a questionnaire, the consent/denial form to the use and process of the personal details and to the accepatance of the rules of good behavior during the graduate day (during the graduation day you have not to bring any signed forms) 
  • before the final exam, the Mentor shall fill out the Assessment form and send it to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Secretariat1.

The Final exam procedure is as follows:

  • students will present their work to before the exam panel
  • at the end of the presentation, the members of the panel will express their opinion on the presentation of the thesis
  • the Panel Chair will then calculate the final mark taking into account the opinion of the degree tutor, the opinion of the panel and the average of marks gained for all exams taken during the course.


  • Decide on a topic with a Lecturer (the Mentor) or choose from those available on
  • Request assignment of the thesis at www.didatticaingegneria.i. Thesis has to be assigned at least 4 months before taking the final exam
  • Fill in the Degree Application Form online, following the instructions reported  on the "Sapienza" web page "modulistica studenti". (The application form has to be presented ON-LINE on Infostud)
  • Prepare the thesis and submit it to the Mentor who will fill out the relative thesis assessment form.
  • Fill out the activities ON-LINE before taking the final exam
  • Within one week before the final exam, deliver the CD with the thesis in PDF format to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Library2; the same information on the front of the thesis must be indicated on the outside of the CD (graduates name, title, mentor, academic year)
  • After graduation, register with the Sapienza AeRospace Alumni (SARA) and upload your CV.


[1] from Monday to Friday h. 9 - 12 a.m. - Mrs A. Lo Bello tel. 06 44585715 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
[2] Mrs. 
M. Zema, tel. 06 44585716  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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