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Excellence Pathways

Beginning from the 2011-2012 academic year the Aerospace Engineering CAD has been offering an Excellence Pathwayfor each Course of Study, to enhance the educational standard of deserving students who wish to pursue in-depth methodological and application studies of topics that are of interest in their sector.

TheExcellence Pathway is an additional course. It is described in the attached Regulations and consists of learning activities additional to those in the curriculum, and which are designed to enhance the educational standard of those students who have shown themselves to be particularly suitable during Year 1.

Eligible students are those who first enrolled in Year 1 for the 2015/2016 academic year and who, as at 30 November 2016, have acquired all the specified university credits in their first year with an average mark of at least 27/30 for the three-year course and 27.5/30 for the Masters courses, and a mark of not less than 24/30 in each individual test. They can apply for the Excellence Pathway via the procedure explained in the attached notice.

The student who, within the specified time limits for the course, successfully also completes the Excellence Pathway contemporaneously with taking their degree, is awarded a certificate which is added to the record of their academic career. The University also awards a monetary prize equal to the university fees they paid during their final year.

Application deadlines is 20 February 2017.