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Students are expected to acquaint themselves with the regulations governing their university.

This information is given:

- in the OFFERTA FORMATIVA [EDUCATIONAL OFFER] section of this website: courses on offer (teaching regulations, manifestoes of studies), tutors, course programmes, degree theses, work training, etc.

- in the STUDENTI [STUDENTS] section: calendars, timetables, study plans, application procedures (transfers/ recognition, changing streams, bringing forward examinations, etc.)

- in the News section: notices, deadlines,urgent communications (use the RSS feeds to check for updates in real time)

- in the Manifesto generale degli studi della Sapienza [Sapienza General Manifesto of Studies] section: administrative procedures (registrations, enrolments, switching courses, transfers, study breaks, withdrawal, deadlines etc.)

All information published online as set out above constitutes official notification.



COURSES WITH A REQUIRED SEQUENCE OF EXAMINATIONS: beginning from the2011/12 academic year, if a student reserves an examination that violates a required sequence, the Infostud system will warn them that they have done so, but will not block the action taken; however when the system makes its "final balance" (when it checks an academic career when the student enrols for their degree examination) it will detect any failure to respect the required sequence, which may cause the examination that was taken out of sequence to be annulled.

To prevent such problems from arising at conclusion of the course, beginning from the first examinations call for the 2011/12 academic year (January 2012) the student must bring a document to each examination session (the receipt of a notification, certification of examinations already passed or, in cases where it is justified, self-certification) as proof that they have complied with the required sequence.

Without this documentation the examination cannot be taken.

For the list of courses with a required sequence of examinations, consult the Academic Regulations for the year of enrolment.

ENROLMENT AS A REPEATING STUDENT: in relation to “repeating students” art. 32, paragraph 3 of the Sapienza Manifesto of Studies, states: for courses of study to which regulations apply for proceeding from one year to the next, the position of each enrolled student will be checked by the student administration offices after 31 January of each year. If this shows that the student's academic career has not complied with those regulations, their position will be modified by the office itself, normally not later than 28 February, and the student will be enrolled as “repeating”.

To prevent such problems from arising as a result of the checks that take place before the degree examination,students who have not attained, by 31 January of each year, the CFU credits required for proceeding to the following year should check their position on the Infostud system - before the end of February - and notify any errors to the administrative office at Piazzale A. Moro.

Students are reminded that the requirements for proceeding to following years are given in the Academic Regulations relating to the year for which they are registered.


Registration on Didattica Ingegneria [Engineering Teaching] for students of Master of Science Degree 

Students enrolled on Masters courses must register on Didattica Ingegneria [Engineering Teaching] (for which the instructions are given at Pratiche studenti, Modalità completamento della domanda [how to apply]) or if they are already registered as enrolled on the three year degree course (first level), they should update their information for the relevant CDL (Corso di Laurea/ Bachelor Degree Course).

Any modifications to a CDL must be requested by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  specifying the student's name, surname, enrolment number, and the CDL [MSAE or MSSAE] to which they belong.

Forums for communication between CAD bodies and students

The Didattica Ingegneria [Engineering Teaching] website has two forums (nos. 4 and 5) reserved for students on theAerospace Engineering courses.

Forum no. 4 is a free discussion forum for all students (everyone can read all posts and add comments).

Forum no. 5 is reserved for use by the Chair and Council of the CAD and is for replying to questions from students and requests for information in relation to management of the courses, the learning pathways, and the teaching offer. This is a partly free forum in which staff will monitor messages before posting them. It includes a search function. All students can read the replies from the CAD bodies to questions about specific problems.This forum is the only place where CAD bodies reply to questions from students. Questions received by email will not be replied to. Students wishing to protect their privacy can request that their messages are not published.

Students who have received a reply to a question are asked not to delete the messages, so that the information remains available to others for a suitable length of time.